A 133 paged book with art critics, real life anecdotes of the painter pictures of well known people and over 100 illustrations of his work of art developed during 20 years.
Joanmiquel Font’s knowledge is not scarce, rather the opposite; he handles the paintbru-shes skilfully, he composes like angels, he makes colour vibrate and he does not scrimp on the tonalities that the Earth gives us: ochre, sienna, maroon… all of them with the greatest naturalness in the world, and he does it better on large canvases than on small ones.

I venture to talk about Joanmiquel Font as a true painter, with a highly personal style, with enormous expressive strength, with a vast sensitivity that can be glimpsed in his works… A new value through which I predict a fruitful career.

Josep M. Cadena, art critic.

All the colours, both the opportune and the meaningful, are present: whites, blacks, yellows, reds, greens, blues, siennas, etc.

In these paintings, one can perceive that the goal is for them to be the image of the indivi-dual facing nature. He must feel it as his own, just as the artist feels it. This is what he achieves in each of his works.

Arnau Puig,
member of the International Association of Art Critics