Art is everything that moves me, that sparks some reaction in me, that does not leave me indifferent. Art is what I paint with the most honest part of myself, the deepest part, the unbounded part.

I have learned, I have evolved, and I have changed styles until now, when I am experimen-ting with what I like best in the studio that I have next to La Fageda d’en Jordà. Art should make its contribution to the world, and whenever I have been asked to I have collaborated with causes that have seemed worthy to me.

Creative process

I also hold exhibitions, though few of them. I prefer to deal directly with people: I like explaining my works, I like people to listen to me and I like listening. I think that this way of dealing enhances the work.

The materials used in my creations are not from volcanic areas, in order to save the integrity of the nature.